Belvedere-Tiburon's Elixir:
What is the Elixir?

Elixir [a. med. L. elixir, ad. Arab. Al-iksir, sense.]

1. Alchemy. A preparation by the use of which it was hoped to change the baser metals into gold.

2. The Philosopher's Stone. Also known as The Elixir Stone.

3. A supposed drug or essence capable of indefinitely prolonging life. More fully, The Elixir of Life, Elixir Vitae. 1605.

4. A strong extract or tincture. 1597.

5. The quintessence of a thing. 1638.

"To toy with magic, and pursue the Elixir of Life..." Dixon

"A pure elixir of mischief..." Milton

It's what we all want. But it seems like the moment we get it, it runs through our fingers like water.

What's the Elixir? Some people try to find it through acupuncture. Some through sex. Men try to find it through women. Some men try to find it through other men. Women think it's what they'll have when they find the perfect man. Others, giving up on that pursuit, or just not feeling it, try to attain it with their sisters.

Many women swear it happens to them in pregnancy. Others think it's in beauty, or in massage.

Even though it's not in the medical dictionary, it's the trend of late to strive for it through health and fitness and in the best diet. Some people think it's in the water.

Everybody knows that it's natural, and that you can attain it through exercise.

It's also generally understood that it's a part of the earth and that it thrives in nature.

Parents believe it's in their children. Once in a while, you can see it in somebody's face. People in love and seniors find and give it in flowers.

Long-time Marin residents will assure you that it's in a teacher, usually a yoga teacher. If that doesn't work, psychology will give you the answer. If that fails, the psychologist will prescribe drugs.

Going green will get you there. It can be found somewhere between healing the environment and fighting obesity. Most agree that alternative medicine holds the key for sure. Whole Foods sells it along with the vitamins and other supplements.

One faction is convinced it resides only in America. We will attain it as a society once we have enough laws and the firepower to ensure our safety.

Scientists believe it's in the brain. It comes by magic, by getting the proper sleep and taking all of the stress out of your life.

Many surgeons and the rest of us are trained to believe it's kept at the hospital and is let out for the latest cutting-edge surgery.

Magazines demonstrate that the way to find it is through excellent skin care. Those with anxiety search for it in their blood pressure. People who are in pain believe it comes when the pain goes away.

Multi-level marketers will help you attain the special herbs that will help you get it. Then you can sell it to your friends.

Maybe it's in a tea.

You will definitely attain it once you master the ecology of relationships.

I trust this clarifies the issue to your complete satisfaction,


John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon