What You Will Discover at Belvedere-Tiburon's Elixir

The feng shui of Ark Row

Tiburon's Ark Row is a place of magic. Rich in history, this unique location has managed to retain the essence of old San Francisco much better than The City itself has.

Yet Ark Row has an exclusive appeal that is all its own. What is it, really, that makes this tiny area of Belvedere-Tiburon so enchanting? Even people who don't believe in this kind of thing say that Ark Row has a dream-like quality. They say it's like you're walking into a fairy tale, that it's somehow mystical.

Ark Row really is mystical. What gives it this distinctive elegance? Along with the rest of Belvedere-Tiburon, it has outstanding feng shui. This feng shui is why I came to Belvedere- Tiburon.

Attaining the Elixir

Here, on the shores of Corinthian Island, nestled between the Corinthian Yacht Club and the San Francisco Yacht Club, right in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, is the site of what my teachers told me would be an unrepeatable happening.

What is it?

We're creating an elixir. This elixir is really difficult to find. In fact, it's impossible to make unless all of the conditions are just right.

What's the elixir? It's the essence of what each of us is searching for. The elixir is your elixir. I can help you to get a taste of it. Once you get that taste, I can teach you how to find it in every area of your life.

How can I help you attain this elixir? The tools I use are acupuncture, Chinese herbs, medical qi gong and feng shui.

I use the tools. The elixir comes into being when we use these tools together in the context of your life.

The elixir isn't the ultimate cure. It's your reward for living a life of excellence. It's a kind of natural feedback system. It tells you when you're on the right track and moving in the right direction.

Something unrepeatable is happening in Belvedere- Tiburon

If it's challenging for an individual to cultivate her or his own elixir, imagine how hard it would be to discover what happens when a group of people achieves it in the same place and at the same time. This kind of an event is very rare. Wise ones say it's only happened a few times in all of human history.

Yet I believe it's beginning to happen right here in Belvedere- Tiburon.

How and why is it happening this way? I don't know. Maybe we're just lucky. Then again, maybe it's serving a higher purpose that we don't yet understand.

What will you find at Elixir?

You'll find me. John Mini, M.S.C.M./ Lac./Dipl. Ac. I'm using Elixir, tiburon-acupuncture.com and seasonal feng shui events to teach why feng shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine are so important for you if you live here in Belvedere-Tiburon.

Elixir is really about how to use feng shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring your life to a new level of excellence. Part of that process involves healing aesthetics and the aesthetics of healing.

Feng shui, time and the aesthetics of healing

Come by and take a look through the window at Elixir. What you'll see is a dynamic, living and ever-changing expression of feng shui in practice.

The displays in Elixir's window teach us about the feng shui of time. They integrate the Belvedere-Tiburon community with the qualities of time and right timing. These studies are based on the months of the solar year from the Chinese feng shui calendar.

Elixir's feng shui window displays are part of an ongoing dialogue that I have with C. Terrence Schell of San Francisco.

Medical qi gong and the feng shui of Belvedere- Tiburon

Elixir is also about tiburon-acupuncture.com. In these pages, you'll find information about qi gong, medical qi gong and other appropriate forms of fitness for Belvedere-Tiburon residents. You'll learn about some of the masters that live in our community and how you can work with them.

I'm also using tiburon-acupuncture.com to teach the community about the feng shui of Belvedere-Tiburon. This is a fascinating study of the subtle forces that affect our lives here on the Tiburon Peninsula every day. Learn about these forces and the quality of your life will improve. So will the energy of our community.

Elixir's feng shui events

Even though my medical practice is currently full, there are many ways that you can participate in what we're creating here at Elixir. Please come to our regular feng shui events, including:

- seasonal live tea tastings

- spontaneous cloud contemplation groups

- participating in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

- The Belvedere-Tiburon Long Now Group, where we get real and get specific about our long-term vision for the Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County, California and the influence we can have on the rest of the world.

This Elixir is your Elixir

Why is all this happening in Belvedere-Tiburon? Because the place is right, the people are right and the time is right. This is the work I came here to do. The Elixir is your Elixir. Let's enjoy it together for a long, long time.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.


John Mini, M.S.C.M./ Lac./Dipl. Ac.