Feng Shui Window Displays:
Behind the Scenes

Elixir's feng shui window displays are part of an ongoing dialogue that I have with C. Terrence Schell of San Francisco.

I've known and worked with Terry for nearly twenty years. He's an interior designer of the highest caliber. Terry has a profound understanding of the qualities of art. He also understands the depth of influence that works of art and the design of a space can have on us over time.

My conversations with Terry have often focused on the edge between aesthetic design and good feng shui. Where does one begin and the other end? This is precisely what we're exploring.

There's a point of creation where the dynamic between beauty and magical function comes alive. At that moment, the expression transforms into a new, empowered sense of form. When this happens, the space begins to transmit something that goes beyond what you would expect from the form alone. It becomes a gateway for new life.

Terry and I are experimenting on this edge with Elixir's feng shui window displays.

You can contact Terry at 415 885 0112 (USA)

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