Belvedere-Tiburon's Elixir:
Studies in the Feng Shui of Time

An Unexplored Dimension of Feng Shui

Many people in the Belvedere-Tiburon community have learned something about the feng shui of placement over the last few years. I've played an active part in this process as I've feng shui'ed many people's homes, properties and businesses on the Peninsula. We're all enjoying the positive effects of this work as the years go on.

Now I want to take it to a new level.

There's another important dimension of feng shui that has gone nearly unexplored outside of Asia. It's the feng shui of time.

Nearly all the rituals of the ancient world were designed to do one thing: they brought the individual and the society into a state of harmony with the prevailing qualities of time.

We've lost touch with this practice of aligning ourselves with the qualities of time. Maybe this is one of the reasons the world at large is in the state it's in today.

I want to turn that around.

Your Map to the Feng Shui of Time

I'm going to focus on a specific place, harmonize it with the feng shui of time and map the whole process for you. Then you can recreate this harmonization in your own way, in your own life, wherever you are.

The place I'm going to focus on is the beautiful bay window here at Elixir on Ark Row in Tiburon, California.

Elixir's feng shui window displays are kaleidoscopic expressions of the feng shui of time. They align Belvedere-Tiburon with the qualities of each solar month.

Each display has three parts:

1) The physical display in the window.

2) An online discussion of the principles and qualities of this time.

3) Your listening, observing and expressing these principles in your own life.

The physical display in the window changes with each new solar feng shui month according to the Chinese feng shui calendar . You can come by and take a look at the window, or you can observe it here online. You can also study past windows and discussions in our gallery.

The online discussions have three parts:

- In the first, I give a basic framework of the feng shui for the current month.

- The second is a short discussion about this month's window.

- The third part is a general discussion in the community around the qualities of this month and the best ways to express them. This happens both online and in the community.

You Can Align Yourself with the Feng Shui of Time

The feng shui of time is very powerful. It's the pulse that animates the feng shui of placement.

The best part of all this is when you create your own version of a monthly feng shui display in your own life. My goal is to help you use these principles yourself. How you express them is up to you.

Studying these displays and creating them for yourself is an excellent opportunity. As a practice, it can help you learn how to be creative in the same way that classical artists were creative. Those artists expressed themselves within very specific aesthetic parameters. These parameters gave them power and freedom.

Some very, very wise masters set the parameters of feng shui down for us ages ago. The parameters of feng shui are magical rather than aesthetic. But the power of their magic comes alive through the aesthetic you apply to your life in your own way.

I invite you to enjoy this wisdom and observe how it transforms your life.

Elixir's feng shui window displays

Let me know how it goes,

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.