and its
Wise Counsel

The new crowd managed, as new generations sometimes do, to hack through the old ways of doing things and head straight for the candy. In doing so, they’ve skipped over the apprenticeship phase of life. This is the time where both self-development and respect for others deepens and matures. Omitting this process of maturation has naturally led them into a confusion between self-development and taking all they can from everyone and everything around them.

Sequestering themselves on a generational island of their own creation, these people lack mentorship and its wise counsel. 

There are times when the counseling of a mentor might not seem to be so wise, but we learn to respect it anyway. That’s how we begin to differentiate ourselves from our mentors.

If we can manage to maintain our respect and good protocol for an extended period of time, the mentoring process goes deeper. We then come to realize that the mentor isn’t necessarily an infallible guidance system that will take us on the shortest route to personal success. We learn that there’s something more meaningful than that going on…