Seven steps
to create your own
living feng shui display

How do you create an altar or feng shui display for yourself? Follow these seven steps:

1) Consider the elements for the month. Find and/or make representations of each of these elements. Make sure to include as much of yourself as you can in this process.

2) Find and clear yourself and the space you're going to use for your display. Use whatever methods work best for you. It can be useful to use the elements that pertain to the time you're working with to do this cleansing. This way these elements can begin to exercise their dominion over the space and go to work in your life.

3) Put all of your elements together in the space.

4) Allow your elements to come together in the best possible way in the space.

5) Remember to {listen, observe and express} your impressions on an ongoing basis. In other words, continue to interact with your display for as long as it's there. These displays aren't static. They change all the time. Hold the attitude that you're hosting these energies in your space. Be a good host.

6) Enjoy your display while it lasts. Just like life, it will exist only for a finite amount of time. When this time is done, dismantle your display with respect. Assist the elements of your display to make their way into and through your life. Release them into the world through your awareness, sensitivity and creativity.

7) Begin the process again according to the next month's framework.

Enjoy your creations. Each display is a doorway to a better life. Respect them. Use them. Learn from them.

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John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

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