Sixth Feng Shui Window

10/08/09 (20/08/4707)

Ji/Yin Earth
Cho/Yin Earth (Ox) Year

Gui/Yin Water
You/Yin Metal (Hen) Month

Yi/Yin WoodMao/Yin Wood (Rabbit) Day

This is the beginning of the Ninth Chinese Solar Month of Han Lu- Cold Dew.

This month's basic feng shui framework

Jia/Celestial Yang Wood

which is Thunder, Lightning, the birth of stars and the expansion of the universe.


Shu/Earthly Yang Earth,which is embodied by mountains and very large rocks.

Secondarily, Shu breaks down into its constituent Gan of:

Xin/Yin Metal, Wu/Yang Earth and Ding/Yin Fire. So we can add coins, metal jewelry and a small fire like the kind of fire that we would use in a house such as a hearth, candle or lantern.

Discussion about this month's window

Elixir Feng Shui Window 6

The right-hand side of this display features a Euphorbia. It is placed in an 18th Century French jardinière which is made from white marble with gold borders, topped with gold pinecones.

We use Euphorbia in Chinese medicine as a cathartic to purge downwards and expel stagnant water. Taken internally, this is the inner equivalent of a thunderstorm exploding into torrential rains.

Pine is one of the most Yang of trees. This brings us into resonance with Celestial Yang Wood, along with several other items in the display.

The square gold borders and cubic form of the jardinière also bring the energy of Earthly Yang Earth. We placed this particular piece in the context of the energy of the expansion of the universe, often referred to as the cube of space.

Elixir Feng Shui Window 6- Selenite Ball

Front and center in this display sits a selenite sphere nested among coastal redwood fronds on a 19th Century American silver salver. This combination concentrates Yin Metal, Yang Wood and Yin Fire, with a focus on the celestial dimension on account of its roundness.

Elixir's Sixth Feng Shui Window-hematite-acorns-2

Finally, to the left of the display, is a 45-pound double-terminated quartz crystal that is surrounded by a matrix of hematite. This very unique crystal is surrounded by Live Oak acorns, which come from a tree that I do my qi gong practice under. The crystal is a very strong example of Earth Yang energy. This window display is the crystal's first step in taking a permanent residence here at Elixir. Its installation has been months in the planning and preparation to come here at exactly this time.

Please help to keep California’s Oak forests alive and well by planting acorns!

Elixir's Sixth Feng Shui Window- Hematite-Acorns-1

Take home lesson

Feng shui describes the forces and qualities of nature. By studying feng shui and applying it in our lives, we can harmonize with the dynamic relationships these forces play out over time.

Very often, the most powerful feng shui tools come from nature itself. Many times there's no need to go out and buy some fancy gizmo to do what you need to do. As my teachers have taught me, everything we need for the ceremony is always right at hand in the moment.

Elixir's Sixth Feng Shui Window

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John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California