An Introduction to
Feng Shui Window Displays

We're in the middle of two big energies

Elixir's feng shui window displays reflect the tone of the time. This means the current season and the qualities of this solar month.

The ancient Taoists described the qualities of time as an ever-changing interface between two primary energies:

1) The energy of the heavens. I'll call this energy the Celestial Qi. Celestial Qi rains down on Earth from the sky above.

2) The energy of the Earth, which I'll call Terrestrial Qi. Terrestrial Qi radiates out from the Earth toward the heavens.

At any given moment, we're experiencing a dynamic relationship between these two energies, one from above and one from below.

We're in the middle.

How long is a moment?

Two questions arise at this point:

The first is, what is energy?

Here I would define energy as influence.

The other question is, what is a moment?

The duration of a moment becomes a serious issue when we're talking about Human, Earthly and Celestial events. This is because each of these factors works on a vastly different scale of time. A celestial moment is much longer than a human moment. So is a terrestrial moment.

The practicality of this issue comes clear in doing ritual work. If our task is to harmonize with all of these influences in the most propitious manner, how do we deal with the gigantic scales of Terrestrial and Celestial events and energies? Our measure of a moment is very important in this process.

The moment defines the mindset

Take for example the Jyotish Kaliyug from the Indian time system. We are now in Kaliyug. The qualities of this time are supposed to be really, really challenging for hundreds of thousands of years. This kind of a bleak emotional vibe, however true it may be, doesn't give us a whole lot to work with on a proactive level. It does, however, help us to attain a transcendental outlook.

Even though we can talk on a philosophical level about time scales that go beyond our human capacity for action, we're really only concerned with the human scale on a practical daily basis. This is our domain and where our immediate interests reside.

The textures of time

Ancient natural scientists were very practical. They found that a single Celestial/Terrestrial relationship couldn't bear the burden of describing all the complexities that we face in life. Life isn't so simple.

So the ancients described the events of our world through the interaction of four time scales that happen at the same time. This gives four dimensions of complexity over four domains that we can experience directly.

They used the time domains of year, month, day and hour to describe our world. These four arenas correspond to natural events that exist within the grasp of our own human time scale.

At any given time we're experiencing the overlap of these four moments. The complexities of their interrelationships form the textures of time.

Let's get practical

Now when we're talking about doing ritual work we want to be accurate. We also need to be practical. There are various techniques we can apply to hourly and daily feng shui, but it's beyond the scope of practicality for most of us to create a new ritual of alignment for each hour of the day. Even going overboard on a ritual for each day can fudge the purpose of why we're doing any of this at all.

A monthly scale is workable. It comes around frequently enough to keep the energy fresh and alive, but not so often that it becomes a burden or gives us a sense that it's taking time away from us. As I see it, this is the practicality of the scale of Elixir's feng shui window displays.

I hope it will work for what you'll create as well.

Elixir's Feng Shui Window Displays

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