How to Get Your Feng Shui
to Really Work

The conveniences of modern life separate us from the natural world. What can you do to reconnect yourself with what's real?

You've assessed, gotten rid of the clutter, bought things and have placed them just so. Now what?

It's time to listen, observe and express.

Listen. Listening means paying attention. What's the response life is giving you and your actions? Listening keeps your feedback loop with life intact. It's the vital connection that makes the whole thing live.

Observe. This means really taking in the feedback from life. It means letting it sink in. It means taking all this new information as is right to your core.

If you really listen and observe, something magic will happen. New life will spring from within you. That fresh energy will want to express. When you allow it to express, the cycle begins anew.

What does this have to do with feng shui? Everything.

If you want the magic of your feng shui to really work, you need to stay connected with it. Feng shui is a living cycle of energy. You are the most important part of that cycle. Without you, none of it would happen.

If you want to connect with what's real and cultivate the highest quality of life, you'll want to listen, observe and express. When you do these things, life gets better and better in an endless upward spiral.

This process never ends. It just keeps improving.

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John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.