John Mini
What do I give my patients
that is so unique?

I have over two decades of experience in this field.

Since I've done qi gong and martial arts since I was a child, I can bring you my long and very interesting experience with the world of qi. Without this direct perception of qi, an acupuncturist is just going on a concept, hearsay or theory.

I treat a very wide range of illnesses.

My decades of study in medical anthropology and indigenous medicine have given me a unique and effective ability to treat a very wide range of illnesses. This especially includes illnesses that are difficult or impossible to treat using other forms of medicine.- I treat only one person at a time in my clinical practice in order to give you the best possible attention and care.

The style of treatment I use varies with each patient according to her or his specific needs.

I've found over the years that different people benefit from different styles of acupuncture. Since I've studied and practiced many different styles of acupuncture, I'm able to guide your course of treatment toward what will serve you best.

I have extensive and unique training in the world of Chinese herbal medicine.

This kind of training is exceptionally rare in the United States. My practice includes the use of a number of rare Cantonese herbs that come from the secret pharmacopoeias of my teachers' families. I have found that these rare herbs and herbal combinations produce outstanding clinical results that go far beyond the effectiveness of ordinary Chinese herbal mixtures.

I almost never use pills or patent formulas in my practice.

This is because the real power of Chinese herbal medicine comes from addressing your specific issues with a highly detailed and often complex herbal formula. This requires a comprehensive analysis to perfectly match your needs at the time.

I can understand your personal and cultural issues.

I'm a native-born Northern Californian with a very wide range of exposure to different lifestyles, cultures and attitudes. I believe these are important factors in developing a good relationship with a medical practitioner. It doesn't matter how good a technician somebody is if s/he can't apply that skill to your situation with delicacy, caring and understanding. I do my best to take all factors into account when I'm treating my patients. This is the meaning of holistic treatment.

John Mini Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Medical Qi Gong

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.