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John Mini, M.S.C.M., L./Ac.


John Mini M.S.C.M./ La.C. Dipl. Ac. has studied the beliefs and sciences of indigenous cultures since he was very young. This led him to earn one of the first four Master of Science degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States, to explore indigenous cultures first hand and to go through many fascinating and unique experiences while traveling abroad. Along with his Acupuncture practice, he's studied a number of indigenous and modern sciences to discover how best to help his patients. This has led him to writing, non-profit work and leading seminars and workshops to help more people than he's able to in his private medical practice.


John’s interest in treating Marijuana Syndromes with Traditional Chinese Medicine came from his clinical practice, where he treated many patients that used marijuana at all levels both recreationally and professionally. Over the course of more than 20 years of pursuing this research, John has observed and defined over 220 different marijuana syndromes, along with treatment plans for each of them that include acupuncture, herbal, dietary and qi gung protocols.

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John Mini, M.S.C.M.,L.Ac.

John Mini, M.S.C.M., L.Ac