Consultations and
Remote Sessions

Here are the specifics for how this works:

For your consultation, we spend about half an hour or so going over what is happening with you and my suggestions for your treatment.

Then for the next half an hour, you practice what we have discussed to consolidate what we’re working on. During this time I design and program your formula to be delivered to you at home.

You have the option to opt in or out of the remote healing phase of treatment.

If you are doing a consultation only, you can then go about your daily routine, whatever that may be.

If you are receiving a remote healing, you will find a quiet and undisturbed place to be and I will work on you. My suggestion is that you remain in your quiet place for at least half an hour, but an hour is better if you can. After that time, you can go about your daily routine, whatever that may be.

Here are the costs:

Consultation only- $100

Consultation plus remote healing-$150

You can Venmo me or mail me a check at the office:

108 Main Street, Tiburon, Ca 94920 USA

The robot will send you separate invoicing and payment details for the herbs. Look for an email from Crane West Herb Pharmacy. The prices will vary according to availability of the herbs and shipping costs to your location.

Thank you and see you in the aethers!


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