Tiburon Art Festival
Feng Shui Ceremony
The Ceremony

It's no small trick to get a pile of dirt to look this beautiful, especially in the context of the Tiburon Art Festival...

Tiburon Art Festival- Abalone Shells, Earth and Wood

Activities commence as we begin to adorn our local celebritrees…

Tiburon Art Festival- Adorning Trees

And explain to the locals what's going on. Here I'm describing the feng shui dynamics of the day to restauranteur Senor Pancho, El Gran Jefe de la Casa Manana…

Tiburon Art Festival-Casa Manana-John Mini and Pancho

Bringing fire into the Fire hour…

Tiburon Art Festival- The Fire Hour

Participants prepare to plant the fire.

Tiburon Art Festival- Participants Prepare to Plant Fire

And the mound is activated.

Tiburon Art Festival- Activating the Earth Mound

Fire and Water begin to interact.

Tiburon Art Festival- Fire and Water Interact

West Marin County ritualist Michael Stocker of the Ocean Conservation Research team places sage and copal onto gleaming coals. It's important to have the energy of an event like this go into something tangible and real related to the relationship described by the event. Ocean Conservation Research is precisely what we needed to complete this portion of the day's alchemy.

Tiburon Art Festival- Michael Stocker Sages and Copals

Placing railroad spikes into the earth mound during the Yang Metal hour…

Tiburon Art Festival- Yang Metal Hour

A photographer from Tiburon's own Ark newspaper arrives to cover the event…

Tiburon Art Festival- Ark Newspaper

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water…

Tiburon Art Festival- Elements

I precisely monitored the timing of each day's activities with my Yes Watch. The Yes Watch lends itself perfectly to such things. Here you can see that we were just in the very beginning phase of the New Moon, about three hours past solar noon.

Tiburon Art Festival- Earth Mound Yes Watch

Locals add their part to the evolving panorama of this day's events. Here's somebody pushing coins into the earth mound…

Tiburon Art Festival- Pushing Coins into the Earth Mound

Accentuating the Metal hour…

Tiburon Art Festival- Coins on Earth Mound

There was a time in the afternoon to place jewelry on the mound. Here feng shui team member Cindy Pierson places pieces of her grandmother's jewelry in the West…

Tiburon Art Festival- Cindy Pierson Jewelry

The energy picks up as festival goers, intoxicated with the moment, begin to dance around the earth mound…

Tiburon Art Festival- Intoxicated Moment

And place their precious objects into the earth.

Tiburon Art Festival- Treasures in the Earth

The next step is to place flowers during the Yin Wood hour…

Tiburon Art Festival- Placing Flowers 1

Each person senses what's happening in his or her own way. Here team member Erik Ortman takes it all in.

Tiburon Art Festival- Erik Ortman

Qi is a universal and objective phenomenon that anyone can utilize once they have the right training. Here Sausalito artist and Qi Gong master Jarl Forsman feels the energy of the mound with her hands.

Tiburon Art Festival- Jarl Forsman

Placing keys on the mound to ritually empower them.

Tiburon Art Festival- Keys on Earth Mound

Participants in the water ceremony bring water from the San Francisco Bay into the earth mound…

Tiburon Art Festival- Water Ceremony Child

Tiburon Art Festival- Water Ceremony Man

Tiburon Art Festival- Water Ceremony Man 2

A late-afternoon view of the mound from the notch of an atlatl spear…

Tiburon Art Festival- Earth Mound From Atlatl Spear

Our ceremony in full swing.

Tiburon Art Festival- Feng Shui Ceremony Activated

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