Becoming More Authentic

We want freedom and fulfillment, yet we strive for stability. Fulfillment is rarely about stability.

It takes courage to expand beyond the stability of life to get to something that is actually fulfilling. Life is profound, mysterious and often 


And what about freedom? Many people think freedom is having the ability to escape and/or run away. Actually, freedom is having the ability to speak our truth and stand our ground. 

Becoming more authentic is what gets us real freedom. Authenticity goes absolutely counterflow to the direction popular culture is trying to force us to go in. Political correctness, for all of its supposedly positive intentions, has become a mechanism of control that enforces inauthenticity in people’s interactions. That inauthenticity is beginning to break down because our true feelings, thoughts and nature refuse to be repressed for too long.

I advocate getting to that point of turnaround proactively and sooner rather than in the eruptive and disruptive later…