Sixteenth Feng Shui Window

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

Elixir's Sixteenth Feng Shui Window revealed itself on 08/07/10 (27/6/4708), the beginning of Li Qiao , Autumn Standing...

Geng/Yang Metal
Yan/Yang Wood (Tiger) Year

Jia/ Celestial Yang Wood
Shen/ Terrestrial Yang Metal (Monkey) Month

Ren/Celestial Yang WaterChen/ Yang Earth (Dragon) Day

This month's basic feng shui framework

This month we're working with the energies of:

Jia/ Celestial Yang Wood - Big Trees


Shen/ Yang Metal Tools and Weapons.

Shen converts to:

Wu/Celestial Yang Earth- the barrier of space,

Geng/ Celestial Yang Metal-Blue Sky


Ren/ Celestial Yang Water- the vastness of space

Discussion about this month's window

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

The combination of Wood and Metal is one that doesn’t often work out well for Wood. This is a time, therefore, to exercise great skill in how we use our Yang Metal energy- the energy of letting go, of removing, of clearing things up that need attending to. It is a time for meticulous care, ending and cutting away old energies that have died in the same way that we might skillfully prune the dead wood from a tree. This is the month to do some pruning in life.

It is also the time of harvesting, although the Yang Wood aspect of this time lends itself more to the masterful crafting of beauty from something wild and undomesticated.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

This energy can also indicate a gift from the gods. In this case, we brought the Celestial Wood, gift from the gods and harvest themes together in the form of a live olive tree in this rattan basket. Athena gave the olive tree to the Greeks, and was considered by them to be the greatest gift of all...

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

Continuing with the harvest, we placed 12 pieces of this magnificent late 19th Century American Silver flatware in the window, to also emphasize the Yang tools energy. You really must come and take a look close up at this silver! The fine detail in the handles is unbelievable. Eleven of these pieces remain in this wicker basket on straw.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

While the twelfth is separated, harvesting the wheat of autumn, reflecting the blue sky above in its blade...

Take home lesson

It’s up to us to make the most positive use of whatever energies we are given in life. This month’s configuration is one where there could be a temptation toward falling into the destructive dynamic between Metal and Wood. Why? Because unless we infuse our lives with lifeforce and creativity, events just scuttle downhill toward the lowest places they can go. It takes energy, attention and dedication to create beauty and positive influence in the world around us. The payoffs are many, and it’s well worth the effort.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

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John Mini
C. Terence Schell.

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.