Seventeenth Feng Shui Window

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California

Elixir's Seventeenth Feng Shui Window revealed itself on 09/08/10 (01/8/4708), the beginning of Bai Lu , White Frost...

Geng/Yang Metal
Yan/Yang Wood (Tiger) Year

Yi/ Celestial Yin Metal
You/ Terrestrial Yin Metal (Chicken) Month

Xin/Celestial Yin WaterYou/ Yin Metal(Chicken) Day

This month's basic feng shui framework

This month we're working with the energies of:

Yi/ Celestial Yin Wood - All of the life in the universe.


You/ Terrestrial Yin Metal- Fine Jewelry.

You converts to:

Xi/Celestial Yin Metal- the twinkling of stars.

Discussion about this month's window

Elixir's interior feng shui window for Bai Lu 2010

The relationship between Celestial Yin Wood and Terrestrial Yin Metal is that of all life in the universe in relationship to fine jewelry. This is a terrific time to adorn, to let the best of who you are and whatever it is come out and shine...

Elixir Artemesia

Yin wood in a literal sense means small plants and grasses. We represented these energies via 4 artemisia plants, which also relate to the Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine by virtue of their energetic qualities...

Elixir lambs ear

and also 4 Lamb's Ear plants, which relate to the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We placed these 8 plants in 8 bowls to relate them to the Ba Gua, divided into 2 woven baskets in order to embrace the Yin and Yang polarities of all life. We placed these bakets in parallel in resonance with the rare alignment of this and next solar and lunar months beginning on the same days, a most unusual occurrence.

Malachite Feng Shui Bowl

We went event further to bring the resonance of all life into the very center of our window display by placing a small tribute to each kingdom of life in this egg-shaped 20th century Italian malachite bowl.

Feang Shui Parrot Feathers

We used five parrot feathers,

Feng Shui Ivory

a 19th century Chinese Ivory card holder,

Feng Shui Scallop Shell

a scallop shell,

Feng Shui Gold Cufflinks

and a pair of 20th century American gold cufflinks.

Take home lesson

Everything around us is feng shui. We just need to see our environment with the proper eyes to understand its properties and how to best work with them. This is one of the joys of working with the feng shui of time. Since it is always changing, it doesn't allow us to ever believe that our feng shui is 'complete.' This attitude enhances an ongoing relationship with what is most fresh in the world around us at all times. This is where the qi is.

Elixir's Feng Shui Window for Bai Lu Exterior Side

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Elixir's feng shui Windows are a collaboration between John Mini and
C. Terence Schell.

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California