Nineteenth Feng Shui Window

Elixir's Eighteenth Feng Shui Window revealed itself on
11/07/10 (02/10/4708), the beginning of Li Dong , Winter Standing...

Geng/Yang Metal
Yan/Yang Wood (Tiger) Year

Ding/ Celestial Yin Fire
Hai/ Terrestrial Yang Earth (Pig) Month

Xin/Celestial Yin MetalYou/ Yin Metal(Chicken) Day

This month's basic feng shui framework

This month we're working with the energies of:

Ding/ Celestial Yin Fire - The Stars.


Hai/ Terrestrial Yang Water- The Ocean.

Hai converts to:

Ren/Celestial Yang Water- The infinity of space/ Rain.

Jia/Celestial Yang Wood- The expansion of space/ Thunder.

Discussion about this month's window

The energies of Fire and Water and Fire are material fractals of heaven and earth. The optimal relationship of these energies is when heaven is below, and earth is above. This configuration promotes an interchange between these energies. This month, the situation is reversed. It is the energy of separation. However, there is lots of Yang energy in the terrestrial energies below, aligned in a supportive relationship for movement and growth.

In keeping with the separative nature of this month's energies, this month's feng shui window came together in pieces over time because of the rain.

First came this wonderful camellia. We chose it because of it's wonderful fiery, climbing and ascending nature. It is also very perfect for this time because it bursts into these red-hot blooms at the very beginning of the winter...

Next, to bring the energies of both the ocean and the stars, we have the appearance of these two Thorny Oyster shells set on two 19th century English Wedgewood plates. The plates are green and scalloped, invoking some of the wood element to perhaps entice and draw some of the fire from above downward...

Next came this pair of 20th Century American gilt brass anvils set atop of 5 black stones.

The anvils invoke the ringing of the hammer of Thor, god of thunder, to bring on the rain...

Take home lesson

One thing I want to discuss this month is the opportunities available at Halloween.

Halloween is a wonderful time to celebrate the unseen.

What's great is that everybody's doing it at the same time...

At the very time when it’s best...

It's truly remarkable that such a tradition from our remote European past has remained so intact.

So I believe it's an important time to make good use of these cultural icons and make them your own. It's an easy, connected and very creative way to bring a high level of communication with the feng shui of a completely different tradition that is also based on an understanding of time.

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Elixir's feng shui Windows are a collaboration between John Mini and C. Terrence Schell.

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.