Twentieth Feng Shui Window

Elixir's Eighteenth Feng Shui Window revealed itself on
12/07/10 (02/11/4708), the beginning of Da Xue , Big Snow...

This month's basic feng shui framework

This month we're working with the energies of:

Wu/ Celestial Yang Earth - The planet Saturn and the boundaries of space.


Zi/ Terrestrial Yin Water- Streams, lakes and ponds.

Zi converts to:

Gui/Celestial Yin Water- The depths of space. br>

Discussion about this month's window

This month’s window was about the relationship of yang earth and yin water. This is a controlling relationship. To harmonize this control, we used plants and the color green, since water nurtures wood and wood controls earth.

So you’re going to see a lot of yellows, for earth, and greens for wood in the window this month.

This reflects everything that’s going on outside right now.

Another way to harmonize this relationship is with herbs...

Here we used 5 beautiful examples of Fo Sho, Fructus Citri Sarcodactyli.

Totally in season...


Bursting with aromatic oils...

and dispersing the wetness and heaviness that hangs in the air.

While a yellow glass frog sits in its pond.

Contemplating the Wikileaks scandal...

Do you remember when we first talked about the qualities of this year last year?

We spoke of the qualities of the Yang Metal Tiger.

We spoke of a highly technological war. A war that wouldn’t really harm people, but one that would be highly precise and its effects would be felt by many. Did that not come to pass?

Take home lesson

We can’t say exactly what will happen, but we can describe it’s qualities. From this vantage point, we can live our lives and act proactively. Harmonization with what is is the path of Tao.

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Elixir's feng shui Windows are a collaboration between John Mini and C. Terrence Schell.

John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.