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Elixir Exterior Day

(I’ve preserved this page as is without editing it after the fact. This way you can get the flavor of the scene as it really was. At the bottom of the page, you’ll discover links to find out what really happened...)

The Feng Shui for August 23, 2009

Geng/ Yang MetalZi/ Yin Water (= Gui/Yin Water)

General discussion for this day:

- Predominant Colors: Metallic and Black

- We're going to use a magnificent rectangular copper sculpture that was created by local artist Elizabeth Seymour as the central piece to embody Geng/ Yang Metal. We will place this sculpture on the ground and have it become the center of our motion for the day.

Elizabeth Seymour Spiral Galaxy

- To give further accent to Geng/ Yang Metal, we will extend the influence of Elizabeth's copperwork around the space with a variety of other pieces as well. These will include copper goddesses and spiral works that she calls spirals of time.

- Geng/ Yang Metal will also get an extra boost from the 9 railroad spikes from the previous day's ceremonies.

- In addition, we will place a very large golden piggy bank in the West of the ceremonial space. It will face North. I encourage participants to place coins in the piggy bank all day along with good wishes.

- The space will also be decorated with 12 metallic butterflies to bring the highest level of craft to each of the Earthly branches.

- Zi/ Yin Water means the water of springs and streams. I encourage participants to bring water from springs and streams for this event.

- This day's energy is more delicate, refined and introspective than the previous day's. To carry Zi/ Yin Water to a more personal level, I'm asking participants to make watercolor paintings of springs and streams. We'll have all of the materials right there for you to use. As you paint, I recommend that you view your motion on this day as if you were a drop of water in a very large stream of motion. When you're done with your painting, we'll place it in the ceremonial space to become immortal...

What to bring in general on August 23rd:

- Lots of coins.- Water from springs and streams.- A feverish desire to paint a spring or a stream in watercolor.

We will also hold three specific ceremonies based on the hourly feng shui of the afternoon of August 23rd:


Ren/Yang Water

Wu/Yin Fire (= x/Yin Fire + x/Yin Earth)


- During this feng shui hour we will place a Tantric Havan Kund at the South of the Earth mound. The Havan will receive live charcoal to burn sage and copal.

- Participants will also place sandalwood incense into six small Earth mounds made from dirt taken from six locations around the Tiburon Peninsula. This will reveal the Yin Fire in the Earth at this time and extend this positive energy around the entire peninsula.

- I encourage participants to bring a small amount of dirt from their homes to add to these 6 mounds. This will bring the positive energy back to your home.

- We will place the ceramic pot that we used in yesterday's ceremony in the North of our ceremonial space at this time. I encourage participants to take a paper cup and bring back some water from the San Francisco Bay to place into the pot at this time. This will bring us into resonance with the Ren/Yang Water of this time.

What to bring from 12-2PM on August 23rd:

- A small amount of dirt from your home.- Ocean water.


Gui/Yin WaterWei/Yin Earth (= Yi/Yin Wood + Ji/Yin Earth + Ding/Yin Fire)


- Gui/Yin Water is specifically the water of rain. Let's see if it rains at this time! Whether it rains or not, this is a very good time to place the water from springs or streams that you've brought for just this purpose.

- We will place another water pot in the North of the ceremonial space at this time for the water from springs and streams. The best pot for this purpose would be one of the 19th Century Brass Jelly Pots that Terry used for Elixir's Feng Shui Window Display Number Three . Let's see if we can get him to hand one over for just one more day.

- We will continue to insert incense into our 6 Earth mounds during this time for the reasons I explained above, as the quality of Yin Fire is also expressed during this hour. The choice of fragrance for this hour will be lavender in honor of Yin Fire sharing the stage with Yin Wood at this time.

- To further honor the Yin Wood present at this time, I ask participants to bring and place any kind of flowers and place them around the ceremonial space.

What to bring from 2-4PM on August 23rd:

- Water from springs or streams.- Any kind of flowers.


Jia/Yang Wood

Shen/Yang Metal (=Wu/Yang Earth+ Geng/Yang Metal + Ren/Yang Water)


- We will activate Jia/Yang Wood once again as we did on the prior day with adornment of our local trees.

- I also recommend bringing acorns and redwood bark for the ceremonial space at this time.

- To activate the energy of Yang Earth, we will place 9 mounds of dirt from Mount Tamalpais around our ceremonial space.

- We revisit Yang Metal here at this time as we did yesterday. This is the time to really pour those coins into the piggy bank in the West of the ceremonial space.

-This is also your last call to bring your garden tools or any other form of metal tools as well as keys for ritual empowerment in the ceremonial space.

- We will also place railroad spikes in our Earth mounds at this time.

- During this feng shui hour we will bring even more ocean water from the San Francisco Bay and pour it into the ceramic container on the North side of our ceremonial space. This placement will bring the presence of Yang Water into the final stages of our ceremony for today. I encourage participants to take a paper cup or other container and bring back some water from the San Francisco Bay to place into the pot at this time. This will bring us into resonance with the Ren/Yang Water of this time.

- This final ceremony will bring together many of our activities from these two days into a wonderful completion.

What to bring from 4-6PM on August 23rd:

- Acorns.- Redwood bark.- Lots of coins.- Your garden tools.- Any other form of metal tools.- Keys.- Ocean water.

August 22nd, 2009

What really happened on 8-22-09 at the Tiburon Art Festival

Feng Shui Gallery

This promises to be a very full and interesting two days. See you there!


John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California