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Tiburon Art Festival

Elixir Exterior Day

(I’ve preserved this page as is without editing it after the fact. This way you can get the flavor of the scene as it really was. At the bottom of the page, you’ll discover links to find out what really happened...)

The Feng Shui for August 22

Ji/Yin EarthHai/ Yang Water (= Ren/Yang Water + Jia/Yang Wood)

General discussion for this day:

- Predominant Colors: Yellow and Grey/Blue

- For Ji/Yin Earth, we will create an Earth mound from the dirt out of Heather Martin's garden. Heather has been working with the feng shui of this property for about 20 years.

- For Hai/ Yang Water as well as Ren/ Yang Water, we will use a ceramic jug buried in the apex of the Earth mound to receive water from the ocean periodically during the day.

- Also under consideration for Hai/ Yang Water and Ren/ Yang Water is to run a blue thread from the ceremonial space at Elixir all the way down and into the bay. Under normal conditions this would be quite easy to do, but considering the amount of foot traffic during the festival, our thread may be challenged. Practicality will rule this decision.

- We will address Jia/Yang Wood by the adornment of our local trees, particularly the stunning old Oak directly across Main Street and above Elixir, the Elm that my patients gaze at when they're on the table getting acupuncture, and a marvelous and prolific pear tree near the steps that lead up to Elixir.

- A special note for Jia/Yang Wood: We have the opportunity to work with the energy of healing our California Oaks and redwoods on this day. My suggestion is for people to bring acorns and redwood bark for our ceremonial space.

- Wood can also be made more Yang by crafting it into a tool for a specific use. Along these lines we will also place 3 black-feathered atlatl spears into our Earth mound. This is a technique of affinity used among the Huichol in Mexico. The spears taken together form the symbol of Kun the Earth Gua. This will bind Celestial Yang Water into Earthly Yin Earth.

- To further bring together the Yin Earth and Yang Water relationship, we will place 36 Abalone shells around the perimeter of the Earth mound. I have gathered and prepared these shells myself over the last several years diving for abalone. They were all obtained legally. I've placed these abalone shells into a state of permanent and intentional ceremony from the very beginning of their collection. Their permanent home is in a medicine lodge in Lake County, California.

- August 22nd is Tara Itzcuauhtli Mini's big 5th birthday.

Tara Mini 3

Tara will be at this event as princess for the day. Expectations are running high.

What to bring in general on August 22nd:

- Acorns.

- Redwood bark.

- Presents and/or offerings for Tara's birthday.

We will also hold three specific ceremonies based on the hourly feng shui of the afternoon of August 22nd:


Geng/Yang Metal

Wu/Yin Fire (= Ding/Yin Fire + Ji/Yin Earth)


- During this feng shui hour we will place a Tantric Havan Kund at the South of the Earth mound. The Havan will receive live charcoal to burn sage and copal. Participants will also place sandalwood incense directly into the Earth mound to reveal the Yin Fire in the Earth at this time.

- We will insert 9 railroad spikes into the Earth mound at this time. This act will consolidate Yang Metal into our ceremony. It will also honor the gigantic role that the railroad played in the transformation of the Tiburon Peninsula into what it is today.

- I also encourage participants to place coins directly into the Earth mound at this time.

- I encourage more enthusiastic participants to bring their garden tools and place them on the Earth mound at this time. Doing so will ritually empower your garden tools to do their work on many levels.

What to bring from 12-2PM on August 22nd:

- Coins.

- Your garden tools.


Xin/Yin Metal

Wei/Yin Earth (= Yi/Yin Wood + Ji/Yin Earth + Ding/Yin Fire)


- During this feng shui hour we will place six square mirrors on the Earth mound. This placement will bring forth the relationship between Yin Earth and Yin Metal.

- We will continue to insert incense into the Earth mound during this time for the reasons explained above, as the quality of Yin Fire is also expressed during this hour. The choice of fragrance for this hour will be lavender in honor of Yin Fire sharing the stage with Yin Wood at this time.

- To further honor the Yin Wood present at this time, I ask participants to bring and place yellow and/or blue flowers and place them on the Earth mound.

- Jewelry empowerment. As a further act of affinity with Yin Metal, I ask that participants place their jewelry on the Earth mound at this time. Doing so will ritually empower your jewelry to do its work on many levels.

What to bring from 2-4PM on August 22nd:

- Coins.

- Yellow and/or blue flowers.

- Jewelry.


Ren/Yang Water

Shen/Yang Metal (=Wu/Yang Earth+ Geng/Yang Metal + Ren/Yang Water)


- During this feng shui hour we will bring ocean water from the San Francisco Bay and pour it into the ceramic container within the Earth mound. This placement will bring the presence of Yang Water into our act of creation. I encourage participants to take a paper cup and bring back some water from the San Francisco Bay to place into the pot at this time. This will bring us into resonance with the Ren/Yang Water of this time.

- To activate the energy of Yang Earth, we will place 9 mounds of dirt from Mount Tamalpais around the central Earth mound.

- The context of Yang Metal is different here than it was it the previous hour. I ask participants to place coins as well as keys into the Earth mound at this time. Doing so will ritually empower your keys to do their work on many levels.

- We will also place more railroad spikes into the Earth mound at this time.

-This is your final opportunity to give your garden tools the zot by placing them on the Earth mound.

- This is also the time for any other form of metal tools you care to bring to the Earth mound to have their moment.

What to bring from 4-6PM on August 22nd:

- Ocean water.

- Coins.

- Keys.

- Tools, gardening or otherwise.

What really happened on 8-22-09 at the Tiburon Art Festival

August 23, 2009

What Really Happened at the Ceremony on 8-23-09

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John Mini, M.S.C.M./ L.Ac.

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