Tiburon Art Festival
Feng Shui Ceremony
Ceremonial Preparations

What's really happening with these energetic activities is very interesting. A lot of the time you can't tell in the moment what's going on. You only get it as the day moves along and you see its progression over time.

This day's presentation wasn't as bold as the previous day's. It seemed incomplete. This incompleteness made it more inviting. So people interacted with it. Everyone's participation built up the ceremony as the day went on. It was truly a community event.

Our ceremony started out humbly and built its way to a complex and refined crescendo. I wanted our display to convey a sense of being an extension of our monthly feng shui window display...

Tiburon Art Festival- Feng Shui Window Extension

We began to set the field by placing small copper goddesses, donated by local artist Elizabeth Seymour, around the ceremonial area...

Elizabeth Seymour Copper Goddeses

Elizabeth Seymour Copper Goddess

San Francisco designer C. Terrence Schell worked some of his floral mastery with the space...

C. Terrence Schell

Since the theme of much of this day was watercolors, we had fallen squarely into resident artist Heather Martin's domain. As such, Heather felt an overwhelming but temporary morning urge to seize command of the entire operation.

Passions swelled as Heather, shown here, chose to place the watercolor supply table smack in the middle of the ceremony's Sun Gua at an evil, choking angle...

Heather Martin's Act of Defiance

On to Building the Altar...

Elixir's Feng Shui Gallery

Elixir of Belvedere-Tiburon, California